Lightweight alternative to Ember-cli

I am just getting started with Ember, but am using it on the front-end of a WordPress plugin. For that reason, a lot of things that come loaded with ember-cli really don’t apply. For instance, the server component is unnecessary. And, I have been trying to find a way to modify the “index.html” file to a PHP file, but that doesn’t seem possible.

I like the build process, the testing and the generators that come with ember-cli, but everything else seriously gets in the way of development. Does anyone know of a lightweight alternative to ember-cli, or a way of simplifying ember-cli to fit this kind of use case?

I don’t think there’s much you can do. ember-cli is designed to work with single page apps. Either create a symlink to /dist folder of your ember-cli app or work without ember cli.

Well, I don’t know much about WordPress, but feels strange that it can’t straight up host HTML files.

There are no light weight alternative because ember-cli is already the light weight. If you need any more than what it offers, you can pull an add-on or roll your own.

If all you need is to rename index.html to index.php, you can pull a broccoli plugin and hook it into your production build only

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You might want to look into the rootElement property of the Ember.Application class as well as the buildURL param in ember-cli.

With these you should be able to build the ember-cli app and use the build assets on your own html/php page.

P.S. Also ember-cli’s storeConfigInMeta and fingerprint params could be helpful

We use WordPress as a backend on sites like

We use ember-cli and let a WordPress template generate json for ember-data. It is not what you are trying but it does the job.

you could try using brunch instead of ember-cli to build your code into a dist.

Thanks everyone for the tips. I think for now I’ll be using ember-cli with a bit of configuration. Seems a bit heavy-handed, but it does the trick.