Lightweight alternative to Ember-cli


I am just getting started with Ember, but am using it on the front-end of a WordPress plugin. For that reason, a lot of things that come loaded with ember-cli really don’t apply. For instance, the server component is unnecessary. And, I have been trying to find a way to modify the “index.html” file to a PHP file, but that doesn’t seem possible.

I like the build process, the testing and the generators that come with ember-cli, but everything else seriously gets in the way of development. Does anyone know of a lightweight alternative to ember-cli, or a way of simplifying ember-cli to fit this kind of use case?

How do Ember modules work?

I don’t think there’s much you can do. ember-cli is designed to work with single page apps. Either create a symlink to /dist folder of your ember-cli app or work without ember cli.


Well, I don’t know much about WordPress, but feels strange that it can’t straight up host HTML files.

There are no light weight alternative because ember-cli is already the light weight. If you need any more than what it offers, you can pull an add-on or roll your own.

If all you need is to rename index.html to index.php, you can pull a broccoli plugin and hook it into your production build only


You might want to look into the rootElement property of the Ember.Application class as well as the buildURL param in ember-cli.

With these you should be able to build the ember-cli app and use the build assets on your own html/php page.

P.S. Also ember-cli’s storeConfigInMeta and fingerprint params could be helpful


We use WordPress as a backend on sites like

We use ember-cli and let a WordPress template generate json for ember-data. It is not what you are trying but it does the job.


you could try using brunch instead of ember-cli to build your code into a dist.


Thanks everyone for the tips. I think for now I’ll be using ember-cli with a bit of configuration. Seems a bit heavy-handed, but it does the trick.