[SOLVED] Can Ember-cli deploy to a php environment (like Modx cms)


Hey guys I just wanted to know before I start using the cli to much if it is possible to deploy to a php environment. I have seen tutorials on deployment to rails but none to php. And if it is not possible to deploy to php then could someone point me to a tutorial on getting the file structure setup to work in plain old ember.

What scripts do I need to get started with Ember without ember-cli?

You may be misunderstanding what CLI and/or Ember are. CLI is just a development tool, and Ember is only the client-side part of the equation. When you deploy it, you’re just sending up an HTML file, a CSS file, a couple of JS files, and any static assets you have. An Ember app can talk to any backend you want it to, it doesn’t make any assumptions.


Thank you so much for responding so quickly. Yeah I had thought that ember could work with any back-end, but I just wanted to make sure I was right, rather then assuming something and finding out later the hard way. So thank you so much for the response. On with my Ember-cli development! Cheers


As for deployment of the actual ember-cli app, take a look at ember-cli-deploy. If there isn’t a plugin for your particular use case, feel free to contribute one or raise your use case as something that would be a good addition :wink: