Ember 3 and PHP7, still possible?


I have been using Em with a PHP(LAMP) cluster for many years now and I was disappointed to say the least when I saw that Em3 onwards the only platform that you can use EmberJS is NodeJS.

If I unserstand correctly from the official blog post, from Em3 onwards they will permanently drop the ability to use EmberJS via script tags for example(they also drop bower etc).

I have no problems w/ NodeJS as a platform I use that too but I would like to keep using PHP7 for the server stuff. So, I just wanted to ask the community here why they have disabled this functionality and if sb can still use Em3 the old fashioned way as I do :slight_smile:

We use LAMP servers and use ember-cli-deploy-sftp to deploy the whole site. We have put all files including .htaccess files in the ember public folder. This way we have one git repository that contains the classic lamp files and the Ember App. This still works perfect with Ember 3. We do this for relative small sites. I think it would not be to hard to write an deploy pipeline add-on that publishes an index.php instead of the normal index.html. If you just want

    <script src="{{rootURL}}assets/vendor.js"></script>
    <script src="{{rootURL}}assets/myapp.js"></script>

in every php file this could also be done in the deploy pipeline. You can also just add app.js in script tags when you only want Glimmer web components. So everything is still possible and it is much better for teams in my opinion. If you need help building some deploy php pipeline tool I am sure I can find some time somewhere.

I have a way of packaging a folder with all the Ember stuff inside(the models are created in ini files so that they can be ready from the PHP backend), I guess the only thing missing would be the vendor.js with the Em, Em-Data, Em-Templ-Compiler stuff.

So from Em3 onwards somebody with a lamp stack would have to create a new Ember CLI project, “deploy it” and finally take the auto-generated vendor.js. Right?

Yes I think you must use the vendor.js or glimmer app.js file. You can automate this with the deploy pipeline. Perhaps someone already uses something similar. Also take a look at https://github.com/ember-cli-deploy/ember-cli-deploy/issues/481