Any experience with deploying to EC2?

Looking for someone smarter than I that maybe has done this or can come up with a way to do it.

We are moving our platform to AWS and will be hosting majority of it on EC2 servers (behind a load balancer and auto scaling group)

The server will have LAMP running with some PHP running parts of the platform. I’m in the process of setting all of this up, and along side that I am working on taking the platform in pieces and rebuilding each in ember-cli.

Eventually we’ll remove legacy code previously built with just PHP and replace it with ember-cli applications.

What I need to figure out is a streamlined way to deploy these ember apps to the EC2 instances when necessary. I’ve looked at AWS’ built in continuous integration services but I’m not sure if they can offer me anything.

Essentially this breaks down to how do I easily deploy an ember app to an Apache based web server, as automated as possible.

SSH won’t work because it will be behind an auto scaling group, meaning there may be multiple servers at the time of deployment (we will try to make sure there aren’t but still it can happen)

Currently when new servers are being provisioned in the auto scaling group they follow a formula that will at this point get wordpress and copy our assets into it, then it would git clone the full repo with the straight PHP, this will work until we start switching it all to ember-cli apps and get rid of the PHP codebase