Strategies for Deploying with Rails

I’ve been fighting a bit of an uphill battle with getting my first Ember app working with the Rails asset pipeline but now I’m thinking maybe I should change the game.

So far the idea of putting everything in the asset pipeline and deploying alongside the Rails app has been challenging.

Just to confirm what I’m seeing - is the standard “best practice” to use ember-cli to build and push the javascript code to an S3 bucket and use S3/Cloudfront as the host for that portion of the app? Basically just Ember and Rails as 2 completely separate apps and not try to co-mingle them for the sake of simplicity?

Seems like the path of least resistance. It would mean I wouldn’t even need to use the various Rails related components as I could keep them pretty separate.

Try out ember-cli-deploy. It lets you push your assets up to a S3 your index to redis and then have your rails app serve the index from redis. It works quite well and you can have multiple ember apps served from the same rails application.