Deploy Ember CLI app to Elastic Beanstalk

I just got started using ember for the first time. I’m in the process of setting up development and deployment environments. Development was very easy to set up, and it was pretty straightforward to get it working with Travis. I have travis auto-deploying to aws elastic beanstalk when master sees a checkin. Unfortunately, elastic beanstalk doesn’t pick up the app properly.

I noticed that EB was trying to run ember serve, but that the ember cli program itself wasn’t installed. Weird that amazon would set it up to detect ember and fire off ember by default but not also install ember cli. Whatever, I’ll just add ember cli to ebextensions. This didn’t solve the problem. I think it is now having trouble with bower.

I’m wondering if anyone out there already has an ebextensions config which will get ember working on elastic beanstalk. It’s really time consuming to troubleshoot EB, and I have heard legends about ember’s community, so my fingers are crossed someone out there might be able to save me some hours.

If interested, you can view the project here: I linked directly to the ebextensions directory.