Deploy Ember-CLI on Digital Ocean/Dokku Droplet

If anyone has experience or suggestions related to this topic, feel free to chime in. This is not a lazy plea to get others to do the work for me as i’ve searched hundreds of different web pages, read countless different opinions and there doesn’t seem to be a combination of events that can be ran that works with all the current variables.

As things are moving rapidly with ember-cli and ideologies change, this is to be expected, but a stable way to deploy and utilize Dokku without requiring Heroku would be a great service to the Ember-CLI community.

If anyone will answer the call on this, i’ll promise to convert 5 other tutorials to the latest ember-cli with step by step instructions for getting RESULTS.

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When you run ember build --environment production, you get a single distributable that contains an index.html file with html/css/javascript. In your case, you should not use ember serve for powering your production app. Using --production is more for previewing than anything else. Instead, serve the actual index.html and accompanying assets.


Hi @startup, i make a simple example of ember-cli running (or deploying) over dokku on digital ocean.

You can start with a initial ember project folder and then create a .env file with this content:

export BUILDPACK_URL='' 

then create a dokku application, and finally do git push dokku master.

You will find more details in my demo project: