Is there a Heroku buildpack for ember-cli app with custom (express.js) server?

I’ve got an app with a very simple custom express.js server and I’d like to port it to Ember CLI. I’m currently hosting it on Heroku and I was wondering if there’s a custom buildpack that would build the app after pushing it to Heroku? I could then simply configure my server to serve files from /dist folder in production env. There’s heroku-buildpack-ember-cli, but it comes with its own nginx server to serve static files.

There is now!

I’ve written my own as well, but forgot to link it here :smile: GitHub - szimek/heroku-buildpack-ember-cli-without-webserver: Heroku buldpack for Ember CLI apps that come with their own Node.js web server.

I’m using multi buildpack feature, so this way I don’t have to maintain the NodeJS part of the buildpack.

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