Deploying an app with an express API

So I’ve been building a little application that has an Express server as the backend API and Ember-CLI connected via an adapter and all the usual stuff. I’m curious as to what the best method for deploying this to say heroku would be.

Right now they are separate repo’s and they just connect via CORs. But is it a better idea to have Ember-CLI build the app and have Express use the built index file for all non api/ requests? That way I could just have one heroku instance for the express app, let express’s router forward all non api/ requests to the index.html that ember built and let the ember router take over from there?

Or is it actually better to have the Express API and Ember App served on different heroku instances?

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Did you ever get an answer to this? I am new to Ember and am also trying to figure out how to build an Express backend while serving up an Ember app built with EmberCLI.