Build Times are getting heigher for Babel


In the past I had posted questions regarding a really huge application. I have been working on that since than. From some time now my build times are very higher.

Here are the old questions

  1. Huge Huge application - Have some screen shots
  2. Need Expert Advices - A lot - have some videos

The template file is 1800+ lines and JS is 2,000+ lines for the order form. When I edit them it takes between a minute to 3 minutes just for the live reload, if I modify any other small file then it got compiled pretty fast.

Right now my vendor.js file is 900kb and my own project code have crossed 3mb,

I have posted the question here

Any ideas on how I can improve that.

P.S. : We are three developers one is working on windows, one on ubuntu and one on mac. All three are having this problem