Businesses Contributing to Ember

Are any of you either business owners or designers / developers / product managers working for businesses who provide paid time to their employees for at least one of the following:

  • code contributions to Ember (creating & maintaining Ember addons, working on the framework library itself)
  • design contributions to Ember
  • issue triaging for Ember addons / the framework library
  • management or sponsorship of Ember-related events (conferences, local meetups)
  • presenting Ember-related topics or projects at events
  • creation of publicly available learning resources for Ember (e.g. screencasts, tutorials, blog posts)

If you are and you’d be interested to participate in a short, 10-min interview talking about your work and the Ember-focussed investment of your business / the business that you work for, please comment in this thread or send me a DM here on the forum, on the Ember Discord via @jessica or on Twitter.

The results of the interviews will provide content for future editions of the Ember Times newsletter and an upcoming EmberConf talk, titled Investing in Ember. Thank you in advance! :sparkles: