Seeking remote EmberJS contractor for Ember upgrades

Hello! We have two EmberJS apps that could use a whole lot of upgrades - we’re currently moving from 2.18 up to 3.x and beyond, hopefully going all the way to 4.x or even the latest LTS.

Our entire team is remote, so collaborating remotely should be very easy since it’s what we do every day.

Ideally, we’d have someone who already has experience doing Ember upgrades. And although we have a pretty thorough automated test suite, there are always some functionality that isn’t covered by the automated test suite, so it would be nice to have someone who is willing to do some semi-thorough integration testing before having the code ready for review.

Our team will help you with any questions, both about the functionality and testing. We just need you to bring the Ember upgrade knowledge and skills :slight_smile:

Learn more about our company and our product suite here:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

@karl3i Hey!

I’m Balint Erdi; I’ve been working with Ember since pre-1.0 and have done a lot of app upgrades over the years (I’ve been a freelancer most of those 10 years and worked on several projects, small and big).

I’m also the author of the Rock and Roll with Ember.js book and a prolific Ember blogger.

I’m a freelancer and currently have some availability, so if you’re still looking for someone and interested, please write me a short email at to find a time we can talk.

Looking forward to working with you!


Hi Karl,

If you are still on the lookout to hire someone, I would be glad to help you out as I am an experienced EmberJS developer.

You can reach out to me on my email here