Seasoned Ember.js expert needed for upgrade project [Remote, Contract]

Hi I’m Casey with Outskirts Labs :wave:, based in Austria. I’m a software consultant who usually works solo, but for a large project with a tighter deadline I need an Ember.js expert.

A client has a large Ember.js codebase (~100k SLOC) that is on Ember.js version 2.18.0 (from 2017) and hasn’t had significant updates since Q1 2018

We have a few months to get it updated and fully patched to LTS 3.24. I’ll be taking on the backend upgrade (which is Java+Spring Boot), but I need the help of an Ember.js engineer who can tackle the frontend.

Experience with Ember and SCSS is a must. I’m looking for a seasoned Ember.js developer who has done gnarly version upgrades before, and who has experience working solo or duo as a software contractor/consultant.

I’ll be in charge of the backend upgrade, server infrastructure, project management, client communication, and ensuring you have clarity and everything else you need to work effectively.

Rate: 3000 EUR / week. Negotiable.

Availability: Full time, starting June 2021 through July/August. There’s opportunity for new feature development after the upgrade extending into August/September.

Location: This is a purely remote contract. Timezones in UTC+0/1/2/3 are preferred but not required.

Reach out: Please get in touch by emailing with the subject “Ember.js Contract”. Please include a bit about yourself and experience, and links to relevant online sites, and anything else you think I should know. CV not required (but accepted).

Note: I am not a recruiter or a large company. I am a single software consultant. Professionalism and quality communication are of the utmost importance.

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This opportunity is closed. I’ve found a partner to work with. Thanks for everyone’s interest.