[Job] Need ember expert to help cleanup existing ember app


We are looking for someone well experienced with Ember to help us update our app. Here is a list of what we will we need:

  • Code review the existing app.
  • Assist/Refactor app structure to meet ember best practices.
  • Assist with writing tests for ember app!
  • Update ember from 1.7 to 1.11. (I was running into some tr.ouble with this)
  • We are uses Rails backend and thinking of moving towards rails with ember-cli from the older .js files placed in app.assets/javascript pipeline and will need help with this.
  • You are expected work with current developer(me!) to understand the current state of app and assist with improvements.

Email: rhythmjuice.llc@gmail.com

PS: I’m the primary developer working on this app. Let me know if you want any more details.