Can Ember help with conversion to Ember CLI?

I would like to convert a (fairly large) existing ember app (using the global style advocated in the examples) to ember CLI but I would prefer to do it in stages and by initially converting to ES6 on a file by file basis. Once I have my app fully converted to ES6 then finally making the switch over to ember-CLI should be fairly easy.

From reading various blog posts it seems that to do something like this I will need some kind of custom file resolver which will make ember look for an ES6 version of the given object definition first and if not then fall back to the old style.

However I have not been able to find an example of such a custom resolver and honestly I don’t know where to start with regards to creating one.

So my question is, is this something that could be added to ember to ease the transition to ember CLI which will be required for Ember 2.0?

Unless I am mistaken, cli won’t be required for 2.0, just recommended and used in the guides. There is a converter out there that might speed up some of the boilerplate work like moving everything from a global file system to different files and use imports et al. I don’t remember what the project is called though, but if you can find it, it might be worth trying out.

I don’t think this is easy but perhaps you can rename your old index.html to i.html and put it in the ember-cli public folder together with the rest of the old tree of files. Than put an .htaccess file in folders created in the public folder for the fallback to the old style. Like in: The last index.html should be /i.html in your case. You must create the complete in the ember-cli route.js without the not yet converted routes files and I don’t know if this works or gives errors.