Migrating global files to ember-cli ES6 modules

Hey I am moving off of ember-rails and into ember-cli. I am about the move all the files to the right folder structure, naming conventions, and ES6 modules. I was hoping there would be an easy way to do this. anyone know of a tool?

I have also been in the process. After considering many ways of doing this (file by file, trying to run some kind of script, etc) I have decided to go file by file and its actually not too bad.

Eg. - if I am going to migrate a controller I actually do ember g controller [name] and then copy in the controller internals.

This is a large project so this will take a bit of time but after reading Ember rails to ember cli by elucid it really does seem like a smaller headache than the alternatives.

That post has a lot of good resources for whatever route you decide to go.

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thanks! that worked pretty well, now these damn addons are killing me! haha