Cannot Get Ember Add-on Working

So I am playing around and trying to make an addon of components I use all the time. From the addon dir, I do npm link , then I create a new project and run npm link I go into the package.json and add my addon name to it. I run the project, I try adding one of the components and I get an error that it cannot find the component. What am I missing?

Unhandled Promise Rejection: Error: Compile Error: Cannot find component heading

Do you have any more details about your projects? Ember versions, etc, does the addon show up in the node_modules of the app project (I’d think as a symlink but I’m not that familiar with npm link)? And are you re-exporting the component from your addon properly?

I figured it out. I was missing a couple of things

  1. I need to do npm link …/my-addon