Chart datapoints in Ember-Data, ala Skylight

I’m writing a chart-heavy dashboard in Ember, so I figured what better place to look for inspiration on how to implement it than the founders’ own app, Skylight?

For reference, here’s the chart being rendered:

And, as far as I can tell, the data for those charts is coming from the initial load of me.json, in the total_requests_usages:

I’m assuming, since this is coming from the experts, this is the best way to have datapoint-style data in an API for use in Ember. Does anyone know if there’s any blog posts or tutorials or even jsfiddle’s about how they’re implementing this?

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I heard Tom Dale in a podcast (can’t remember which one, sorry) say they don’t use Ember Data in Skylight for time series data. He was discussing how when you’re new to something you don’t know what the best tool for the job is. He was basically asked the same question you’re asking and that was his answer, don’t use Ember Data in this case.

lol ah and I see the discussion, zogstrip linked to says the same :smile: