Time Series Data in Ember Data

Hi guys! My first post on this forum :slight_smile:

We’re trying to build an app which needs to fetch time-series data for graphing purposes. Is it possible to somehow implement storage of this data inside a model in ember data?

Thank you!

According to @tomdale in this podcast, Ember-Data is not suitable for time-series data (nor was it designed to be). But he didn’t mention what they use in place of that. I’m also curious what Skylight uses for time series data. It’d be great if he (or anyone really) can share related experience/techniques.

We just create simple model objects that extend Ember.Object and have fetch() methods on them. When you call fetch(), it looks at its state and sends an XHR to the appropriate endpoint for the specified time range.

The data structures we’re operating on are quite complex, but the data handling is quite simple—perhaps surprisingly so.


Do you mind sharing the plotting library? A D3 lib?