Cherry picking semantic ui components via ember-cli


I’d like to use semanticUI in conjunction with a couple of other lightweight sass libraries. I’ve looked at semantic-ui-ember but I couldn’t figure out how to prevent importing the entire Semantic library while using it. I just want a couple of components, and maybe some more after that. Having the whole library included in my build is way overkill.

Does semantic-ui-ember allow for importing of only specific components? If not, what’s the best approach to including only the css/js files you want in your ember-cli build? I’ve done a couple of things already, like cloning the semanticUI git repo and copying a couple of the css/js files I want into my styles/ directory, but that doesn’t seem very maintainable.


I did something similar but I only copied some of the CSS and then implemented the behaviour side of things myself. Trying to use the original JS from semanticUI would probably end badly at some point so if you aren’t comfortable coding the behaviour then stick to copying from semantic-ui-ember would be my advice.

Maybe reach out to whoever maintains semantic-ui-ember? Most people I’ve come across in Ember-land are very friendly and keen to help out :slight_smile: