ChildView Elements are not posted in Handlebars

I am new in ember and handlebars. i m using the ChildView in new record form for hide and show the elements but i faced the problem when I submit the form it not passed the childview element in save call. {{#view App.ChildView isVisibleBinding=“isChildVisible” }}

And the event has been performed at least

{{view Ember.TextField valueBinding="times" class="span1"}} time(s)

{{view Ember.Select viewName="select" contentBinding="App.frequencyController" optionValuePath="" optionLabelPath="content.frequency" selectionBinding="App.selectedFrequencyController.frequency" class="span1-75" }}

{{view Ember.TextField valueBinding="within" class="span1" id="within"}}


Could you provide an live example as JSBin or JSFiddle? Otherwise people are gonna have a bad time helping you :slight_smile: