Choosing between `loading` action and `loading` template

I am writing an application in ember and so far I’m using the loading substate on the application route to indicate that the app is loading data. This works great when transitioning between routes and displays a nice spinner on the top of the page.

However, I noticed that while using this technique, accessing the app for the first time (not transitioning between routes) displays a white blank page until the app finishes loading. Adding a loading template under my app doesn’t seem to work because it seems ember ignores it given the loading action…

Can anyone point me at how to get both behaviors to work as expected - get a loading animation to display when landing in the app as well as transitioning between routes?

Thanks in advance

Stick with using the loading substate on the application route for transitioning between routes. For startup though, consider GitHub - mike-north/ember-load: Application loading UI for Ember.js apps

@Gaurav0 Cool, will do. Thanks a lot!