Pods and loading substate bubbling not working?

DEBUG: -------------------------------

DEBUG: Ember : 2.1.0

DEBUG: Ember Data : 2.1.0

DEBUG: jQuery : 1.11.3

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using Ember-CLI and pods.

The docs (Loading / Error Substates - Routing - Ember Guides) state / imply that I should be able to define a single application-wide loading template that will be used whenever the loading event happens but that you can (if you want to) provide specific routes/templates wherever you’d like.

I’m not seeing this behavior. I can get it to work with specific routes but I can’t seem to elicit the described behavior. I see that there’s been issues related to the resolver (ember-routing-named-substates doesn't work · Issue #10644 · emberjs/ember.js · GitHub) that have broken this in the past but it looks like I’m running a new enough version that I should have that fix.

What am I missing?

Interestingly, error substates work as documented here… but not loading.

I’ve had the same issue (also using pods), at the moment I have to define a loading route at each level and then I use renderTemplate to load a single template in each of them. It’s not ideal but I spent hours trying to get it to work before giving up and using this workaround until it is fixed (assuming we are not both making the same mistake!).