Pods folder and loading.hbs

Why loading state does not load template from the pods-folder?

This doesn’t work: app/pods/testroute/loading.hbs

but this works: app/templates/testroute/loading.hbs

That would actually be app/pods/testroute/loading/template.hbs. The loading and error substates are nested folders, since they also have their own controller.js and such. Your second example is correct in the non-pod structure.

Yeah, that worked thanks!

In the pod structure, should i tell ember to use the loading route in the router.js like this?

this.route('testroute', function(){ this.route('loading'); });

I tried the same approach and nothing

I’m using Ember version 2.5

You don’t need to tell a route to use a loading template… if there is a app/loading/template.hbs file or a app/route-name/loading.hbs file Ember will display that loading template.

Thk’s @Panman8201! It the solution I looking for.