Chrome on Android sometimes doesn't show anything

Chrome for Android often do not show anything until you uninstall and reinstall it.

I deleted the settings, cache, cookies. In “incognito” mode it works.

I’m on Android 7.1 (but also on the 6), CyanogenMod, with the latest version of Chrome and with a clean system, there are no bloatware.

It is a simple site ember, last stable version, not the beta.

On iPad or iPhone or PC no problem, everything works fine.

If I write “view-source:” I can see the source code, so no problem.

I have not inserted fastboot. I repeat, simple ember that read APIs, but first of all you log in with ember-simple-auth.

Why blank page?

Try remote-debugging to see console output when you see the blank page. Test app with ember-simple-auth that works fine on my android chrome never shows a blank page.