Code coverage with blanket.js

Has anyone gotten blanket.js to work with an ember-cli app? I’ve got the lib installed via bower and imported correctly in my brocfile. I added the data-cover attribute to my js file. I can see that the blanket.js file is loaded correctly in my browser (after the the ‘test-support’ file with ember-qunit/qunit). When I go to my /tests url all I get is the normal qunit page with no tests running, just a message where the first test should be that says running....

I even added the data-cover-flags="debug" attribute to the blanket.js script tag but still get nothing.

I haven’t tried it yet but am going to: ember-cli-blanket - npm

It was noted in the Ember Weekly newsletter recently.

caligoanimus - have you made any progress with using ember-cli-blanket? I also have tried installing it, and not including/including the ‘assets/blanket.js’ file in my tests/index.html, with varying degrees of success.

mattmarcum - the problem with using the standard version of blanket available through bower is that it doesn’t support ES6 transpiled modules which is what ember-cli use. I think this is the main issue that ember-cli-blanket tries to address however I’m still having problems with it.

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