Code Review & Feedback Request:

Hey guys and girls. I’ve created a simple Ember and Ember-Data app designed to illustrate how to do such things. It demos some basic concepts such as:

  • Autocommit on data changes
  • How to construct a date picker (using getter/setter computed properties)
  • How to basic animation using jQuery
  • How to override and bastardize ED’s serializers to match backend semantics
  • Hax for handling singular resources on the backend
  • How to create a dumb settings object
  • Various other odds an ends.

The application is a tweet scheduler. You create a queue of tweets and multiple times for them to be tweets. This is not like buffer. It sends the same tweet at N given times. The app is currently hosted for free on heroku @ – so be patient if the app takes time to spin up. The source is on my github account. I’d appreciate feedback on the code or anything else.



great!!! will check this out asap!

Nice little app, thanks for sharing!

I was just wondering why you split date + time components the way you did; Coudn’t you just have used an ordinary JS-date object and work with that?