Column of links in Ember Table


Lets say that I have a model with two attributes: name and url. If I want to build a column of links like this <a href="url">name</a> how can I do it? as far as I know, using contentPath or getCellContent only allows me to send one of those attributes.

I’ve been trying something like this:


  headerCellName: 'link',
  contentPath: 'url',
  tableCellView: TableCell.extend({
    templateName: 'link'


{{#link-to view.cellContent}} 

But I’m stuck in the way of letting the template know those two fields. I’m very new to ember so sorry if this is a newbie question :slight_smile: thanks in advance.


I’ve found the solution. It seems that in the end, getCellContent allows to pass the complete model so I can access its attributes by or view.row.url in the template.