Command like "ember server" don't do anything


I’ve been following Getting started Quick Start - Getting Started - Ember Guides.

I did:

npm install -g ember-cli
ember new ember-quickstart
cd ember-quickstart
ember serve

After ember serve or server or ember s It just keeps loading and never load server.

Thank you for your help.

Is it the server itself that never loads? Or the page in the browser once you visit the URL?

For example in one of my projects I run ember s -p 1357 (just runs ember server on port 1357) and after it builds (shouldn’t take very long in a brand new project) i get this output:

And then if I open a browser tab and visit the url that it is serving on (http://localhost:1357) it loads the app in the browser.

Do you get output like the above or does it just hang on the build step? Or does it hang on the actual app when you try to visit the page?