Common search for whole site

I have been trying to understand ember, and got little understanding. I had posted a question here before but didnt got reply; and now I am posting a new question here.

I have created a common search form in the application.hbs which have two dropdowns, I want to have url like http://localhost:4200/search/:cityid/:groupid/ but it dont load the data, when I transition into the url, If I refresh the browser it loads the data from rest.

I checked by converting these to query string parameters and that are working fine but I need to have a cleaner url.

I have posted the question on ember cli - emberjs load the model data with search - Stack Overflow with all the details

I am now getting following error,

Error: Assertion Failed: The value that #each loops over must be an Array. You passed {citySef: Lahore, group: An}

So its a simple search form, where I have group model, and city model, and in search result I am loading users with certain group within a city.

When I press the submit button I get the assertion failed error, and URL is changed. Now if I reload the URL it loads the proper data

I also tried to change it to array


this.transitionToRoute('search', {citySef:citySef, group:group});


var arr = []; 
arr['citySef'] = citySef; 
arr['group'] = group;
this.transitionToRoute('search', arr);

but this time I see url change but there no call to server to load the data and there is no error.

Now as the URL is changed, i clicked back in browser it loads the previous page, clicking on next from browser did load the users. So I press the search it change URL without any result, i click back and forward and it loads the result.

solved it by

now trying to set the controller dropdown values as per url

Able to load the values in dropdown, by following


export default Ember.Controller.extend({
  needs: 'application',
  selectedGroup: Ember.computed.alias('controllers.application.selectedGroup'),
  selectedCity: Ember.computed.alias('controllers.application.selectedCity'),

So selectedGroup and selectedCity both are two variables in the application, and are bind with dropdowns. and in routes/search.js I have used setupController with

controller.set('selectedCity', models.query.citySef);

Any one can help me with the pagination with laravel? I am trying serializer but I think it is not getting called. console.log() is not executing in serializer. Question is posted here ember data - emberjs with laravel pagination - Stack Overflow as well