Complicated forms performance

A target application will have complicated (as well as simple, of course) forms (with up to, say, 30 controls - don’t say it is crazy, I’m agree with you) to build a search filter, resulted list (or table) of some objects (based on the filter) with all kinds of sorting and pagination. I have met a discussion with opinion AngularJS isn’t suitable for such situation for performance reason. But nothing concrete about Ember.js.

So I’d want to know has anybody similar dense SPA running under Ember.js on humble client’s hardware? I mean clients running on up to tablet - with server-side templating a prototype runs as a rocket.

P.S. I don’t use any front-end framework at the moment (and even just started to learn JavaScript as far as all my experience is in server-side programming), so a point of decision takes place just now.

You might be interested in How Balanced Built Its New Search System Using Ember.js for the search part.