Need Expert Advices - A lot


I have been trying to understand ember with hard luck. But I need some expert advice before jumping into this. I have a very large scale application which I have to rebuild and there are only Angular and Ember.

I have recorded 2 videos highlighting some of the features which we have built using jQuery + PHP and now need to re-vamp it. If any one can see the application and guide me or even let me know if it is possible to go along Ember or not or Backbone.js would be more suitable for us, it would be great help.

Here are the video links

Thank you

I skipped through your vid but there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly scary for ember. There really aren’t that many limitations to ember in terms of what is possible, even performance is becoming less of an issue with glimmer coming down the pipe pretty fast. Perhaps you would have better luck specifically stating your concerns with ember. As to weather or not you want an opinionated, integrated framework like ember or angular vs more of a light weight solution like backbone, I would say you probably want ember, angular given the complexity of your site.

@varblob Thank you for your reply. The one thing which we have built is the tab navigation. As user keeps clicking on different links they are opened as tabs. Each tab will keep its state until closed, all fields filled.

I had discussed with couple of other local developers (only angular) and they suggested to create a wrapper app, and then each page as a separate app. Which I dont think is the right way.

If I try to wrap up my whole confusion, in single sentence, it would be “How to open tabs inside a central area for each link where user can click on tabs to open the old page, user authentication for even single column or button in whole page (to show or not to show)”

Just now I understood the components and developed a component for pagination with CSS. Still learning