Component manager thoughts?

I spent some time today playing with the new component managers that landed in 3.4. I’ve got to say, it’s been a lot of fun :smiley:

I created a few silly managers, nothing production ready. Maybe the most useful manager I came up with was a singleton manager. It always returned the same component instance, no matter how many times it was rendered.

I know from the RFC that these managers unlock template only components, which is pretty cool.

Outside of that, the use cases for these managers seem a little vague to me, so I figured I’d start a thread asking about it!

I’m wondering what sort of managers the core team and Ember developers hope to see with this new API. Are there any other creative ideas that managers unlock?


I believe the most awaited usage of this new api is specifically “glimmer components”. To a large degree the glimmer component API can be developed externally in an addon.

For example, I created sparkles-component as an experiment to use the new component manager APIs to implement the component model using only public APIs (and was able to succeed)…