Future of GlimmerComponent (angle brackets)



Last november I started a new project using Ember, and thought it would be a good idea to start using the then-new GlimmerComponent for our components. It was bound to be a big application, and I was excited about the readonly attrs, setting attributes transparently from the caller etc. So we built multiple components using that, and haven’t faced any major bugs.

However, GlimmerComponent has been removed (a risk I knew I was taking), and we have been stuck on a random canary revision since then. I understood the motivations, and decided to wait until the arrival of the new implementation.

However, multiple months have passed, and I haven’t seen many public signals that this flavor of component will be returning any time soon. So I thought about asking: is the rewrite in the team’s pipeline now that Glimmer 2 is maturing, or is it something that isn’t being considered for now? If it isn’t, maybe it would be wiser for me to rewrite my GlimmerComponents as classic Components, and go back to stable.

Thanks in advance!