What ever happened to Glimmer component / Angle Bracket Component / HTMLBars Component?


at some point, this feature was supposed to land. What ever happened. Can anyone point me to the discussion of this feature, or why it disappeared?



It’s my understanding that while the leads behind this (Yehuda and Godfrey, I believe) were working on Angle Bracket components, they realized that there were some underlying issues that needed to be resolved first — specifically, the rendering layer needed to be more responsible for component creation. That lead to Glimmer 2.

I’m not sure wether angle brackets are expected to return — especially given that Web Components seem like they’re much more unlikely to be fully realized — but, you can follow along on the Glimmer 2 work via this issue: https://github.com/emberjs/ember.js/issues/13949 — that’s probably a good place to start.


My understanding is that they’ll come back now that Glimmer2 unlocks some of the needed functionality. Likely to take a bit, but not something that has gone away


Huh. Thanks for the info!