How to enable angle bracket components in Ember 2.1.0?


I generated a brand new project using ember-cli (v1.13.8) and upgraded to Ember as follows:

Ember: 2.1.0 Ember Data : 2.1.0 jQuery : 2.1.4

When I declare components using angle-bracket syntax in my template, nothing is rendered. But using curly braces works just fine.

Are angle bracket components supported in Ember 2.1.0? Is there a default config step that I am missing?



I believe they are only in canary for now, and should appear in 2.2. Someone correct me if I am mistaken.


Just curious: Besides the syntax, what is the added benefit of angle-bracket components?


I believe I read somewhere that one-way binding is default with angle components. However I’m not finding the article right now.


Ahh. Good to know. I mistakenly thought they were already in 2.1.0.

Any ideas about when Glimmer Components might land? I’ve got an app that renders lists of 1500 items and I have noticeable perf issues with render.

I know using pagination and/or cloaking is the right way to go when dealing with large data sets, but I was secretly hoping that Ember would be able to render a couple of thousand list items without intervention on my part.


@mayankbpatel I don’t think angle bracket components will solve that. I would suggest you use ember-collection:


You’re mistaken :slight_smile: Per this pull request it’s going to be a bit longer:

2.2 is going to have changes under the hood, but nothing that we’re going to see as end-users. Docs are going to be almost identical, but we’re hoping to update the design for 2.2