Component working on a collection


Hi guys! I would like some guideline help: I’m working on this addon: it is working (well I need to write test and get ride of some junk code but overall it works) but for now one must use it like this:

{{#each blah as | bla |}}
    {{#dnd-item list=blah item=bla}}
        {{render your bla as you want }}

And I am not quite satisfied by this syntax.

How would I go about if I wanted to allow people to use it like that:

{{#dnd-each blah as |bla|}}
    {{render the bla as you please}}

Is that something I should aim for or should I stick with the previous syntax? What would be the most Emberish-way?


for we used collection view, and made it behave as a component:

Not really ideal, plans exist to enable this in an easier way, but its not currently trivial


Thanks! I’ll check that out. I will first release the addon with the item syntax I think and add the other one after.