Drag and Drop Update?


Basically I’m asking for an update on drag and drop practices. I made a basic model of what I’m trying to build with JQUI before I started to get into Ember. I’ll need to update the model whilst dragging over different areas, as well as when dropping.

What tools/strategies/addons are options? And which is best?

And if anyone knows a good guide that would be great. Thanks!



I remember Lauren Tan writing a good overview of Drag and Drop with Ember.js late last year: Ember.js and HTML5 Drag and Drop. It might have a few useful pointers for you.


Also take a look at:


Thanks. This was exactly what I had in mind and its helped a lot with my understanding of Ember - hadn’t really used components much, and this covers just about all basics.

It wasn’t crystal clear to me as a beginner, but after reading up properly on the HTML5 Drag and Drop API, and Ember Components, I feel pretty confident now. Still haven’t worked out the syntax used in the article itself, but I adapted it to what I expected, and was glad to see the JS Bin example pretty much the same as mine.

Thanks again.


The HTML Drag and Drop seems to have some issues in Ember when it comes to dragging a div that contains another div. Have you ran into this problem at all?


Has anyone seen an example of drag and drop working on ember-cli-cordova?