Confused about Ember

I have wanted to try Ember out for a long time now, so now I decided to do so, but I am quite confused. I am aware that there is quite a learning curve, but there are some things I’m still having trouble with.

  • How do I hook up Ember data with my own backend?

  • Is it possible to run an Ember app without using ember serve, for example if I want to use my own server or use Ember in a Phonegap app, how do you launch the app then?

  • When to use Routes, Controllers, and Components.

Can anyone explain these points to me?

I fail to understand the question here. What problem are you having?

Yes. If you want to run your Ember app without ember serve, use ember build and you will find the regular HTML/CSS/JavaScript for your server output in the dist directory. ember serve is a development server provided for your ease of use.

This is a large topic, and others have already explained it better than I can. You can read:

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I could suggest my free tutorial where you get answers for most of your questions, however it is mainly teach you the Ember Way:

A slight warning that localhost is classed as a different domain to localhost:4200 there you might need your server to dish out the CORS header to stop the browser rejecting server replies