Continuous Performance Monitoring for Ember

I am working on a system to continuously monitor the rendering performance of Ember as new versions are release. The Ember with Glimmer video shows performance improvements, and the system I am working on validates the video with performance number across different versions. The performance results are available at Ember Performance Analysis.

I am currently running the tests using DBMonster. Are there other canonical apps that could help measure performance? Are there any improvement I could make to the test app to eliminate any bias? The test repo is on github at /web-perf/ember-perf

Here is an interesting performance change I picked up when monitoring ember.

Version 1.13.1 had debug statements added that caused a slight decrease in the frame rates. 1.13.2 fixed it and the frame rates went back up again - graph [Look at the slight dip in frame rates in 1.13.1 which goes back up in 1.13.2 !! ]