Collecting performance metrics using renderTemplate hook and User Timing API

For my pet project, on iPhone, I’m seeing up to about 40-50% performance increase with HTMLBars (Ember1.10) vs Handlebars 1.3 (Ember 1.8) See:

Ember 1.10 (HTMLBars)

Ember 1.8 (Handlebars)

And on a userAgent search for Mobile about 15% increase

Here is the API I made to search the metrics: I ran Ember 1.8 for about a day then when 1.10 shipped ran that only since last night, but average index_view template load times are looking better.

Last week I added User Timing measurements in the renderTemplate hook like so I’m made some tweeks on the analytics data collection since then.

I’m curious how are you measuring performance in your Ember apps ?

See Post: Measuring Performance with User Timing API, in an Ember Application

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Did you run any metrics on memory overhead differences between the two?

No, I measured general analytics plus render timings (with user timings) window.performance

I’ll be upgrading our cordova iOS app this week, I’ll try to pull out some CPU/Memory usage differences. I’m really hoping this reduced Ember’s footprint, which would help Android performance on poor devices a lot.

@jthoburn - The total size is slightly less (102kb min+gz), but not massively less.

@rwjblue I meant runtime footprint :wink:

A lot of Android devices have <= 250MB RAM and powerless CPUs. We ran into a lot of problems building an Android app that would work well on non-flagship phones. Our Ember runtime often hits 50-100MB in Chrome and can spike higher. I’ve been working pretty hard to reduce this (successfully), but am hoping HTMLbars will give that work a good boost. I was able to get a few metrics off the HTMLbars beta that suggested there would be improvement, but too many addons (including some of my own) weren’t ready for HTMLbars at the time to get a true read.

@jthoburn Just saw this link via ember weekly newsletter

@pixelhandler That’s awesome! Missed that in the newsletter.

Not sure if anyone else is seeing this but I suspect there may be a memory leak in Ember 1.10. I haven’t had time to dig into any profiles to see what exactly is going on. Initially, 1.10 helps our our memory usage ~30%, but leaving our app running, its memory usage now perpetually climbs ~.25-1 MB / minute.

Curious if anyone else has observed this.