The current state of client performance tracking


The introduction of the Navigation Timing API (and 3rd parties like New Relic’s RUM) has been a Good Thing™ for traditional web applications, but in its current form doesn’t seemingly translate well into thick-client, JS-driven applications.

Ideally, the Timing API would work in a way that we could trigger a new timing event from the Ember router (without a full page unload and reload) and report those results asynchronously to some external reporting service. Currently, only the initial page load appears to record and report well… which is good, but not great.

What are you doing to record the subsequent client performance after the initial page load in your Ember applications? Am I missing some hook for data somewhere in jQuery or the Ember router?


Useful for recording rendering performance in some situations. It logs render events to the javacscript console in a (relatively) nice structure.


Nice, thanks. So, seemingly … something like that could be used to collect the component render data first. Then, aggregate that data together and send some kind of data package for metrics, perhaps. Thanks for the link!