Ember.js on a mobile device



I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to keep Ember.js apps performant on a mobile device?

I’ve got a very simple Ember.js 1.0.0-RC1 app wrapped up in PhoneGap. I’m using rake-pipeline to precompile the handlebars templates and running against the production version of Ember, the handlebars.runtime.js and jquery-2 beta.

Despite the fact that my app only has templates with a little text and links between them, the performance seems quite slow. Certainly not responsive like the Yapp apps.

Has anyone got any high level advice on how to make this configuration performant? Or is there maybe a better way to get Ember.js running on a mobile?


This may be completely off topic, but could the “slowness” be related to the 300ms click delay in mobile Safari? Would using a library like fastclick.js help shave some milliseconds?


Thanks @davidcalhoun. That was a great suggestion. Much more responsive on iOS now, (device and emulator).

Still slow on the Android emulator though… Need to get my hands on real device.

I’m still interested in other best practices for mobile apps using Ember.js


Definitely need to test on real devices. The Android emulator in particular is atrociously slow.

Performance on mobile web is tricky business and you just need to be careful and cognizant as you build. We use Chrome Dev Tools and some Desktop Safari tools to measure and improve the performance of our mobile app.

There are also some psychological aspects. As @davidcalhoun mentioned, making sure that touches garner some visual feedback immediately makes a big difference.


Sorry for resume such old conversation…

Lately, I was looking for solutions to this problem and besides Fastclick.js library I found some specific Emberjs customization of the core library functionality (they lack most of the checks Fastclick makes on the useragent). emberjs-touch ember-fastclick

Does anyone know if there is real value in using one of these variations?


are you using the atom version of the avd for the emulater? it would very slow if you are not


currently I’m developing the web version and organizing the deploy on mobile. So I’ve not used the android emulator yet, but muy concerns are more about real devices…