Could not find component input

I am using the latest version of ember 3.8.3. When I try to use the new component version on ember input helpers, I get an error “Could not find component input”. But I find that implementation in the emberjs documentation. Please I need help to get around this.

I used this snapshot from the documentation. <Input @id="admin-checkbox" @type="checkbox" @name="isAdmin" @checked={{this.isAdmin}} />

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Hi @ebenkb I believe the latest Ember release is actually 3.11 (and 3.12 is right around the corner!) and I think the angle-bracket-ready “core” components like input were added in 3.10. So I think you’ll either need to stick with classic syntax or update to 3.10+

EDIT: 3.8 is the current LTS release, so if you’re sticking with LTS you may want to consider waiting until 3.13 is released (at which point 3.12 will become the LTS release and include the new angle bracket syntax for built-in components)

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thanks a lot. I upgraded from the LTS (3.8) to 3.11 and it works now.