"Could not find module errors" at runtime for some packages

I’m working on a project using Ember 3.27.2 that is included as part of a Chrome extension. When running the application I’m seeing errors when the app tries to use certain modules.

  • prop-types (used by ember-arg-types)
  • intersection-observer-admin (used by ember-in-viewport/-private/observer-admin in ember-infinity)
  • local-time (referenced directly within one of the components)

The errors all look something like this:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Could not find module `intersection-observer-admin` imported from `ember-in-viewport/-private/observer-admin`
    at missingModule (vendor.js:259)
    at findModule (vendor.js:270)
    at Module.findDeps (vendor.js:180)
    at findModule (vendor.js:274)
    at Module.findDeps (vendor.js:180)
    at findModule (vendor.js:274)
    at Module.findDeps (vendor.js:180)
    at findModule (vendor.js:274)
    at requireModule (vendor.js:36)
    at Class._extractDefaultExport (vendor.js:129821)

I stuck a breakpoint into findModule so that I could look at the registry array. The modules referenced above are indeed missing from registry. I’ve searched through vendor.js and I do see references to prop-types, etc.

Does anybody know why those modules would be left out of the build or not show up in registry?

The issue is caused by the use of eval by ember-auto-import. When running as a Chrome extension it appears that the CSP breaks importing of some modules. Adding the ember-auto-import forbidEval: true setting in ember-cli-build.js fixed the problem.

Here is a link to the suggested solution in the FAQ of ember-auto-import:

I tracked down the problem by turning on debugging with the following ENV vars. This confirmed that the modules were being processed properly.


The modules that wouldn’t load are listed in the app > static node:

ember-auto-import:splitter output {
  "app": {
    "static": [

Once I confirmed that they were available the forbidEval setting stood out as the solution because I know Chrome Extensions have a strict CSP.

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