Creating additional output files



I’m trying to setup my cordova ember app with cordova-app-loader. It enables a cordova app to bootstrap itself from a manifest, downloading the latest app assets from my CDN. The main purpose of this is to update the app on the fly, without going through the app store.

Obviously I want to integrate this into ember cli, but to do this I need to do some funky things.

The first funkiness is creating additional output files. How can I exclude certain modules (read: js files) from being rolled up into my-app.js? Instead I want them compiled into their own files?

After that, the second thing is intervening in the start of the ember app. Essentially I want my boostrap/autoupdate modules to be executed first, then they will load/instantiate the ember app. I think this is solvable, if I can somehow separate the bootstraper from my-app.js and vendor.js.

Any ideas? I’d love pointers to existing addons that to strange things like this.