Customized ember-cli output (new projects)

I’m new to the Ember community so forgive me, if my questions seem naive or has been answered before. Is there any way to customize the output of the command ember new application?

I’m not so much as looking to modify the file structure, but rather adding and pre-populating files.

Specifically, I’d like to be able to run ember new app and in addition to the standard output, I can drop in some key files that our system needs in order to hook in new applications. Namely some pre-populated python files, and a test structure similar to what ember provides, but for those python files.

Kind of trivial, but would super helpful for new and older developers to be able to get up and running quickly in our system with a starting point, as well as help me sell Ember to our dev team.

You can write addon with generators that could do that. Although it would require two commands for users to set it up.

ember new app
ember install company-addon
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Two commands is better than what we’re doing now. Thanks!