Ember Manager App

Good day all,

I got this repeated idea which is : why ember cli not get some ui?

I am working on project call

Ember Manager Application

and my knowledge in ember tools is okay but i have a lot of knowledge in ember it self.

so i designed the idea, but i am confused how to call " ember new " from ember application to create new project, or " ember generate route" from regular ember app.

note : i use electron for node in browser.

The benefit of this application give easy way to organize and fast development without remember every command and give more visual indicator to your apps and you can use it as text editor

Some of the Features:

App File




Run server

Run test

Package your app

Deploy your app see the images:

link to mockup for the application

It’s an interesting idea.

I’ve been thinking of something very similar to this for my next project. Basically a web app that would utilise ember-cli installed on the server to create small interactive applications, and provide a UI to build them.

I’m not sure what platform you are targetting but I was planning to build a node/express api that would interact with ember-cli.

If you are targetting desktop, you can just call the same command from your application or possibly via node by pointing it at the right js file.

thanks for your response

i am targeting Mac Windows Linux platforms

i am using Electron & Ember to build the application.

can you make it more clear how i can call cli command from inside using node?

Would be great. There’s also Ember Hearth