Ember.js Stand-Alone Browser App


I’m using Ember CLI for my project and was wondering if there was a way to build my project then open it in my browser by clicking on the index file. My end goal is to wrap it and serve it as a desktop/ios/android app.

SO: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27066671/ember-js-stand-alone-browser-app


Don’t know about the desktop but perhaps https://github.com/poetic/ember-cli-cordova can be used for ios/android.


Thanks for the heads up, thats definitely an option. The biggest issue is that there isn’t a server for the app and is all local storage. Currently I grabbed Ember Tools as it does what I need. I was just hoping to stick with Ember CLI


You can use Ember-Pouch for Local Storage. It can also Sync’s to a CouchDB backend. Example


Yeah I definitely looked into Ember-Pouch. This app can’t be run on a server though and I would run into the same issue. I need to be able to open up the index file on my desktop and it open in my browser (no running a local server first).

I wanted Ember CLI to compile everything into the index file when I build it, like Ember Tools. I want to use Ember CLI because Ember Tools seems to be inactive.

Thanks for the recommendation though!


To package up a web app as a desktop app, check out node-webkit.


I’ve been playing with atom-shell (https://github.com/atom/atom-shell) and using diskdb (https://www.npmjs.org/package/diskdb) for storage , works great!