Use Ember.js 2.x to build a local application?

I need to build about 30 web pages (sales) application and distribute it as a locally runnable demo - in a zip file, users would unzip the app and run it locally in their browser. I.e. no web server. It needs to contain about 10 local data models to demonstrate about 10 page flow variants. Is Ember.js 2.x suitable for the job? This version of the application would actually serve as a (instead of a) specification. Next version would swap from local model to REST services and add more variants. I would use Axure or similar prototyping tool, but maybe Ember would be better because of the data model used, more exact routes and components behaviour. I have sketched the application in Balsamiq, it helped a lot in the initial stage, but now I need a lot more, yet it’s too soon to go to full blown development. Thanks for your opinion. Karel.

Just use the output from the dist folder, it should work.

And you can use ember-cli-mirage to mock the api server.

Hi. Maybe it worked like that in Ember 1. Now I use 2.0.1. (my console shows Ember 2.0.1.). If I run the “ember server” I get Welcome to Ember message. If I shutdown the server and open index.html in the dist folder directly I get a blank page. So I’m guessing Ember 2 requires to be served by a web server. Thanks.

I was started testing with to do this. I got nw working fine but did not find time to test where and if the Pouch data is stored automatically somewhere.

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Thanks a lot. I am playing with that. It is what I need.

I was wondering if we got an update to this one? Did Pouch DB work?

We did test ember-electron with ember-pouch and it works. We decided not to go for the nwjs way.

Hi. Eventually I did not build it as a local application. I used Firebase database and hosting instead. It became quite a large application - sales process. I haven’t done even any tests with Pouch DB, sorry. Firebase turned out to be a good option for what I needed.